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Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam Simulation Software Updated for 2018

Updated based on PMBOK 6th edition

Updates According to PMBOK 6th Edition
Close Procurements process has been removed. Its functionality has been consolidated into the "Close Project or Phase” Process

From Project Human Resource Management to "Project Resource Management"
From Project Time Management to "Project Schedule Management"

  • From Perform Quality Assurance to "Manage Quality"
  • From Plan Human Resource Management to "Plan Resource Management"
  • From Acquire Project Team to "Acquire Resources"
  • From Control Communications to "Monitor Communications"
  • From Control Risks to “Monitor Risks“
  • From Plan Stakeholder Management to "Plan Stakeholder Engagement"
  • From Control Stakeholder Engagement to "Monitor Stakeholder Engagement"



100% Tax Deductable Purchase. Educational Programs are a tax deductable expense.

             Right Mark You have the Edge! You now have an "insiders view" of the PMP® Exam in every detail, in the exact Environment and patterns as test day! Gain Confidence and reduce study time.

Right Mark 5,000 Total Questions. Unique, no 2 questions are the same. Recently updated, Various Difficulty Levels (Medium to super-hard) Questions. The largest unique database of questions in one program.

        Right Mark Questions are Situational and Complex. No Easy Questions, NO True/False Questions, NO Questions outside of the PMBOK Body of Knowledge.

      Right Mark  Questions cover all PMBOK® knowledge areas according to the PMBOK® 5th Edition:

Initiating (22 questions) 13% of exam
Project Planning (46 questions) 24% of exam
Execution (54 questions) 31% of exam
Monitoring and Controlling (42 questions) 25% of exam
Closing (18 questions) 7% of exam

Accurate. 200 Questions per exam, just like the real test, Beware of programs with 50 or 100 question exam sets.
Right Mark Recently updated for 2018 Questions! Exam Questions based on updated PMI formulas, criteria, practices and handbook rules. Exams of varying levels of difficulty. Depth of Questions and Answers. Question and answer choices can be "wordy"- at times, Questions include graphs, make use of formulas, use PMI definitions, and can be very difficult, like the real exam. Don't approach the exam unprepared.

Right Mark The program NEVER expires or becomes limited in any way. Be careful of other simulators with 3-6 month use time, which become unusable after your use time expires. Our program is yours to keep forever, it never expires..

Right Mark 
No tricky or complex licensing issues! Students are allowed to install on multiple computers (home, work, laptop).

Purchase = Lifetime Access

Right Mark Answer Display Functions. Display the answers after each question OR all answers at the end of the exam. Real time practice exam results help reduce study time and effort.
Right Mark Explanations: The rationale of the correct answer is explained to help you understand why the answer is correct.
Right Mark Development. Developed by a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals, instructors, students, consultants with combined total of 192 years of experience over a period of 11 months. Questions are based on the content and question outline used by the PMI in designing the PMP exams.
Right Mark Mark for Review Feature. Just like the real exam. Not sure about an answer? Don't let it take up all your time. "Mark it for review" (skip it) and it will display again at the end of the exam.  
Right Mark Results Review. When you have completed the exam your percentage score will be calculated and you will be told whether you passed or failed, just like on exam day.
Right Mark  Print. Print out your results showing the questions and correct answer and study on the go.
Right Mark Runs Online. Access anytime through any internet browser. All versions of Windows and MAC and access though your cell phones internet app.

Right Mark Accelerate your learning curve! You can pass the PMP® exam with minimal study time and effort. Days or Weeks instead of Months! You are strategically laser targeting your study efforts by studying exactly the way it will be on the exam.

Right Mark 99% Pass rate. 99% of our Students pass the PMP® exam the 1st time.

Purchase includes one access code. You may access the exams on multiple computers. Access code is re-sellable and never expires.  Program runs online though internet browser, compatible with all versions of Windows and MAC and access though your cell phones internet browser.



Each and every question is Unique and Under United States copyright Protection with our company. If you see our questions anywhere else please contact us so we can stop illegal distribution.
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Remember that when preparing for the PMP® exam you need to know the answers that PMI® wants to see. A good example of this is what PMI® calls the "Project Charter", this document may have a different name in your organization, but you need to know its function from PMI's® point of view.
Don't Get Caught Unprepared!  

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PMPEXAMSIMULATOR a leader in test preparation since 2003.

Warning: Most PMP® Exam prep software can only be installed on your own computer and will not work on other computers once installed.

Our program includes the most practice problems in one program, a total of 5000 unique questions. Each question is unique and very similar to the structure and wording that will be used on the real exam. All questions are based on the 4th Edition of the official PMBOK®.
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Right Mark Our software can be used on multiple computers. Study on your laptop, at work, at home at the library, etc.

Right Mark Our Software never expires. Once you are a customer, you own the program for life! Relax, you can take your time and study on your schedule without worrying about the program expiring.

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What Type of Questions are in this Program?

Project Initiating
Perform project assessment based upon available information, lessons
learned from previous projects, and meetings with relevant stakeholders in
order to support the evaluation of the feasibility of new products or services within the given assumptions and/or constraints.
Identify key deliverables based on the business requirements in order to
manage customer expectations and direct the achievement of project goals.
Perform stakeholder analysis using appropriate tools and techniques in order to align expectations and gain support for the project.
Identify high level risks, assumptions, and constraints based on the current
environment, organizational factors, historical data, and expert judgment, in order to propose an implementation strategy.
Participate in the development of the project charter by compiling and
analyzing gathered information in order to ensure project stakeholders are in agreement on its elements.
Obtain project charter approval from the sponsor, in order to formalize the
authority assigned to the project manager and gain commitment and
acceptance for the project.
Conduct benefit analysis with relevant stakeholders to validate project
alignment with organizational strategy and expected business value.
Inform stakeholders of the approved project charter to ensure common
understanding of the key deliverables, milestones, and their roles and

Project Planning

Review and assess detailed project requirements, constraints, and
assumptions with stakeholders based on the project charter, lessons learned, and by using requirement gathering techniques in order to establish detailed project deliverables.
Develop a scope management plan, based on the approved project scope and using scope management techniques, in order to define, maintain, and manage the scope of the project.
Develop the cost management plan based on the project scope, schedule,
resources, approved project charter and other information, using estimating techniques, in order to manage project costs.
Develop the project schedule based on the approved project deliverables and milestones, scope, and resource management plans in order to manage timely completion of the project.
Develop the human resource management plan by defining the roles and
responsibilities of the project team members in order to create a project
organizational structure and provide guidance regarding how resources will be assigned and managed.
Develop the communications management plan based on the project
organizational structure and stakeholder requirements, in order to define and manage the flow of project information.
Develop the procurement management plan based on the project scope,
budget, and schedule, in order to ensure that the required project resources will be available.
Develop the quality management plan and define the quality standards for the project and its products, based on the project scope, risks, and requirements, in order to prevent the occurrence of defects and control the cost of quality.
Develop the change management plan by defining how changes will be
addressed and controlled in order to track and manage change.
Plan for risk management by developing a risk management plan; identifying, analyzing, and prioritizing project risk; creating the risk register; and defining risk response strategies in order to manage uncertainty and opportunity throughout the project life cycle.

Present the project management plan to the relevant stakeholders according  to applicable policies and procedures in order to obtain approval to proceed with project execution.
Conduct kick-off meeting, communicating the start of the project, key  milestones, and other relevant information in order to inform and engage stakeholders and gain commitment.
Develop the stakeholder management plan by analyzing needs, interests, and  potential impact in order to effectively manage stakeholders' expectations  and engage them in project decisions.

Project Execution

Acquire and manage project resources by following the human resource and procurement management plans in order to meet project requirements.
Manage task execution based on the project management plan by leading and developing the project team in order to achieve project deliverables.
Implement the quality management plan using the appropriate tools and techniques in order to ensure that work is performed in accordance with required quality standards.
Implement approved changes and corrective actions by following the change management plan in order to meet project requirements.
Implement approved actions by following the risk management plan in order to minimize the impact of the risks and take advantage of opportunities on the project.
Manage the flow of information by following the communications plan in order to keep stakeholders engaged and informed.
Maintain stakeholder relationships by following the stakeholder management plan in order to receive continued support and manage expectations.

Project Closing

Measure project performance using appropriate tools and techniques in order to identify and quantify any variances and corrective actions.
Manage changes to the project by following the change management plan in order to ensure that project goals remain aligned with business needs.
Verify that project deliverables conform to the quality standards established in the quality management plan by using appropriate tools and techniques to meet project requirements and business needs.
Monitor and assess risk by determining whether exposure has changed and evaluating the effectiveness of response strategies in order to manage the impact of risks and opportunities on the project.
Review the issue log, update if necessary, and determine corrective actions by using appropriate tools and techniques in order to minimize the impact on the project.
Capture, analyze, and manage lessons learned, using lessons learned management techniques in order to enable continuous improvement.
Monitor procurement activities according to the procurement plan in order to verify compliance with project objectives.

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